Hi!  I’m Marisha, a current Illustration major at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Interested in buying some art like the stuff pictured above?  Commission me!  

1.  Either message me over Tumblr or via to tell me:

  • what level of commission you want (bust sketch, painting, etc.)
  • what you want drawn (an OC, a specific character, a celebrity, or a person from a photograph that you send)

2.  Wait for me to complete the commission!  Bust sketches take about a day.  Full-body, colored sketches take about 3 days.  Digital bust sketched paintings take from 1-4 days, depending on the level of detail.  Full-body, colored digital illustrations take up to 1 week.  Realistic digital portraits take up to 2 weeks.  When finished, I will email you a copy of the work in the file type(s) of your choosing.

  • How can I work so fast?  Aside from the innate ability to work quickly, I take each commission very seriously and try my best to deliver work in a timely and efficient manner.
  • As of now, I’m not able to send prints of finished work; however, if I get a decent number of commissions, I may be able to send prints throughout the US for a yet-undetermined extra cost.
  • Note: prices shown are per figure—except in the case of full-body, colored digital illustration, wherein $60 covers the cost of two figures and a setting.

3.  Pay through PayPal through the email address  If you’re buying a 1 color bust sketch or a colored digital bust sketch, you pay  the full price after I send you the finished artwork.  If you’re buying a drawing on any other level:

  • Full-body digital sketches and digital bust sketched paintings are paid for in two stages—half of the price before I start any work (a down payment, if you will), and half of price after I send you a preliminary sketch.  After that, I’ll send you the final version in the file format of your choice (excluding .psd)
  • Full-body, colored digital illustrations and realistic digital portraits are paid for in three stages—1/3 of the price before I start any work; 1/3 of the price after I send you a preliminary sketch, and 1/3 of the price after I send you a rough color sketch.  After that, I’ll send you the final colored version in the file format of your choice (excluding .psd)
  • Paying in stages allows you to offer suggestions, adjustments, and even change your mind about purchasing a finished piece midway through the artmaking process.
  • It also ensures that I as an artist receive proper payment for the work I put into something and safeguards against mal-intentioned customers trying to score free artwork.

4.  Enjoy!

If you have any questions or propositions, message me through Tumblr or email me at  Also, check out my online portfolio for more examples of my work. 

Hey guys, I know I’ve reblogged this before but I just wanted to get it out there again.  I recently switched my major to Painting and the supplies are really expensive and I’m worried about the costs.  Purchasing the cheapest sketch would help!  Even if you can’t commission me at this time, please reblog to spread the word <3

hey, totally check out my sisters artwork, she’s pretty awesome.