I had a really weird dream yesterday and I decided to make models of the scenes I remembered.

The top is a train station that takes people into this complex and you can only escape through the subway tunnel (but you’ll freeze to death) or out of the kitchen place (the yellow light thing) and the middle picture has an indoor building with a giant window with blinds all the way up. yeah.

Anonymous asked:

What software do you use to model & render stuff? That fake Beats speaker look really smooth compared to anything I've ever managed to render in a 3d program

Thanks!  I used Blender 3D, an open source program.  
I’m going into New Media Design in college, so I’ll have to start learning Cinema 4D, which also has some great renders.

This is actually the first time I used Blender’s Cycles render engine (instead of the default blender internal).  It gives a lot nicer rendering than the Blender internal.